New in ClickBump 6.3 - ClickBump Menus Widget

The new ClickBump Menus Widget allows drag and drop magazine style layouts with multi-column menus complete with thumbnails, post excerpts, comment counts, etc.

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Filter Posts By Category

Another nice feature that will come in handy when designing your home page layout, is the ability to filter a menu by category.

For example, you can set a menu up so that it only displays posts from a selected category. Since you can have an unlimited number of custom menus on a page, you could use this feature to create magazine style layouts of multiple menu areas on your home page (or any page for that matter).

Another idea is that you could create a specific category just for featured posts – as I do on this site to flag posts to display in the slider widget on the home page, and then you could use a “ClickBump: Menus” widget to display the latest posts from that category at a specific location. This way, it would always list those posts in order of most recent, complete with thumbnail, post excerpt, comment count, etc. with no additional work on your part. You just create posts and assign them to the category you’ve told the menu widget to watch, and the widget does the rest, automatically.

Want to see an example? I’m using it for the “Recent Additions” menu to the right of this post.

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