New in ClickBump 6.3 - ClickBump Menus Widget

The new ClickBump Menus Widget allows drag and drop magazine style layouts with multi-column menus complete with thumbnails, post excerpts, comment counts, etc.

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Recent Posts Widget in HyperDrive

The ClickBump Menus widget can be configured with point and click options. In a few seconds, you can set it up so that it displays the exact menu layout you want, whether horizonal or vertical, with no custom coding or custom CSS required.

For example, if using it in a sidebar, you may want to specify that the menu show the latest X posts in 1-6 columns. As you can see from the diagram below, you have the power with a few clicks to set up unique menus that quickly transform your site into a more engaging and dynamic source of authoritative information.

By default, the menu will display the post’s featured image thumbnail, post excerpt and comment count. You can check a single box to remove any of these items from the menu.

The neat thing about the widget is that each menu can have unique settings, allowing you to create your entire home page layout, if desired, using this one widget.

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