1-Click Table of Contents with ClickBump 6 & WordPress 3.5

Enhance user satisfaction, increase page render speed and increase visitor time on site by creating fast loading, multi-page posts with attractive floating table of contents boxes with ClickBump 6.3 for WordPress


I’ve just added a first of its kind, 1-click “Table of Contents” feature to the latest version of ClickBump theme (Version 6.3). It allows you to easily paginate your posts and automatically adds a handy floating table of contents box to each of your posts.

With this feature, you can easily create multi-page articles that are easier to display and download for users, resulting in even faster page loads.

In addition to faster page loads, giving users more accessible ways to interact with your content results in greater user satisfaction, reduced bounce rates, and greater time on site – all which enhance SEO in the eyes of Google.

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